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Feng Shui Fundamentals For Children's Bedrooms


Feng Shui Tips for Children's Bedrooms

Do you think that there is no need to decorate your children's room according to Feng Shui? Well, if your bedroom can be according to the fundamentals of Feng Shui, you can also apply these principles to decorate your kid's bedroom.

However, you must take care that when it comes to a child's bedroom, you should take care of the colors, objects and their placement, so that it can create a soothing environment for your kid's growth. You should keep the following points in mind, while decorating your child's bedroom :-

  • According to Feng Shui, a child?s bedroom should be in the east and southeast corner of the house. The right placement and direction of the room will help in a better movement and development of the child.

  • The walls of the room should be painted in earth colors, which are warm yellows, oranges and terracotta, as these colors help the child to feel safe and increase the flow of harmony and peace. You can also select from the warm pastel colors like lavender, cocoa or peach. Try to avoid gray, green or blue as they reduce the warmth of the environment. You can also use different decorations like soft lines or flowers, according to the age of your child.

  • Please take care that your child's bedroom should be near to your bedroom, so that you can monitor their activity and help whenever required.

  • The area of the child's bedroom should not be more than three to five times the area of the bed. It is the enough area for your child as he will not feel lonely, empty or scared.

  • The bed should not be placed in front of the door. This means it should be away from the direct line of the door. This arrangement will help for the better sleep of the child. There should be a wall on at least one side of the bed, if possible, try to place the bed in the corner of the room. The child will feel secure. If your child has a difficulty in getting up in the morning, place the head of the bed in east or south and if there is sleep issue, place the head in north or west, it will help in a calm and deep sleep.

  • If there is a desk in the room, its placement is of utmost importance as it affects the learning. A desk should be facing the room so that when the child sits on it; his back would be towards the wall. It will help in concentrating more as the child would not be distracted thinking that what is going on behind his back.

  • There should be a notice board in the room, on which you can hang the achievements of the childlike any artwork or a report card. You can also stick some educational stuff like maps or start charts. It will expand his horizon.

  • By following these points, you can make sure that your child has a safe and calm environment in his room, so that he can comfortably study, sleep and grow there.


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