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Right Shoes For Your Children


Right Shoes for Your Children

Right from the birth of the child, we try our best to provide him the finest we can. However, due to our busy schedule, we tend to forget little things, which are really essential for the kids. Shoes are one of those requirements, which we forget that our kids must need. We are habitual of our grown feet and no longer in practice to realize that the feet will grow and the shoe can become small, before getting worn out. However, our kids are completely different. They are growing daily and so are the feet. Their shoes can easily get small, without us realizing the need to change them. Therefore, their shoes should get changed time to time to provide their feet more room. Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that there should not be extra room in the shoes for their feet. Like us, kids also need the shoes which fit them properly.

Once your kid has started walking, you need the shoes to protect his feet. Before that, the baby should be either barefoot or with socks. You can also use soft booties when going out. Keeping your child barefoot while he has just started walking will help him to balance his body without any extra help like shoes. It is very necessary for him. So, let him have that opportunity. As far as the shoes for the walking child is concerned, there are so many points you can keep in mind to providing the best comfort to your child. For example, they should be soft and flexible. When you hold the shoe, put a slight pressure on the toe area. It should easily get pressed, feels soft to touch and should flex in the air with nominal resistance. You should not look for arch support in a child?s shoe as they do not need it.

  • Comfort should be the first priority while buying shoes for the kids. No matter what type of shoes you are buying and what the age of your child is, the shoes should always be comfortable to wear.
  • Size is the next thing you should take care of. Do not compromise on the size of the shoes for the attractiveness or the price. Take length, width and depth into detailed consideration and check that the shoe is hurting the feet of the child or not. The basic rule is to purchase a shoe having about half an inch of a gap between the longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Material is another factor, which should be on the priority list. Normally, the preferred material for kid?s shoe is canvas or leather. No matter what material you prefer, it should be soft and supple on your kid?s feet. Flexibility should also be there in the shoes to provide the proper movement to the kid.
  • You should purchase new shoes every three to four months. It will give a proper space to your child, and it would not hurt his feet. Just keep in mind that the fashion should not be a factor while selecting the shoes for your baby because the baby should feel comfortable while wearing the shoes, not trendy.


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