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Georg Schöner

Male (Boys)

Was a German-born Roman Catholic priest who became known in the United States as the "Padre of the R

Georg Simmel

Male (Boys)

One of the first generation of German sociologists. His religious background was complicated but ger

Georg Von Békésy

Male (Boys)

A Hungarian biophysicist born in Budapest.

Georg Von Peuerbach

Male (Boys)

Was a German/Austrian astronomer and mathematician.In 1448 he went on a trip to Italy for the sake o

Georg Von Schanz

Male (Boys)

Was a German legal scholar. He originally developed a definition of income, now known as Haig-Simons

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Male (Boys)

German philosopher, and with Johann Gottlieb Fichte and Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, one of t

George Abecassis

Male (Boys)

Was an English racing driver, and co-founder of the HWM Formula One team.George Abecassis began raci

George Abraham Grierson

Male (Boys)

Was born to a prominent Dublin family in 1851. His father and grandfather, both also named George Gr

George Adomian

Male (Boys)

Was the American mathematician who developed the Adomian decomposition method (ADM) for solving nonl

George Agostinho Baptista Da Silva

Male (Boys)

Was a Portuguese philosopher, essayist and writer. His thought combines elements of pantheism and mi

George Albert Boulenger

Male (Boys)

Was a Belgian-British zoologist.[1] In 1880, he was invited to work at the Natural History Museum, t

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George Alfred Barnard

Male (Boys)

Was a British statistician known particularly for his work on the foundations of statistics and on q

George Arthur Akerlof

Male (Boys)

American economist and Koshland Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He

George Bentham

Male (Boys)

Was an English botanist, characterized by Duane Isely as "the premier systematic botanist of the nin

George Bernard Dantzig

Male (Boys)

Was an American mathematician, and the Professor Emeritus of Transportation Sciences and Professor o

George Boole

Male (Boys)

Was an English mathematician and philosopher.George Boole's father, John Boole (1779-1848), was a tr

George Brown Goode

Male (Boys)

Was an ichthyologist, although most of his time was spent as a museum administrator and he was very

George Caley

Male (Boys)

Was an English botanist and explorer in Australia.Banks appointed Caley as a botanical collector in

George Campbell

Male (Boys)

Was a Scottish Enlightenment philosopher, minister, theologian, and professor of divinity. Campbell

George Chisholm

Male (Boys)

Was a British geographer. He authored the first English-language textbook on economic geography: Han

George Christopher Williams

Male (Boys)

An American evolutionary biologist.Williams is a professor emeritus of biology at the State Universi

George Church

Male (Boys)

An American molecular geneticist. He is currently Professor of Genetics [1] at Harvard Medical Schoo

George Davis Snell

Male (Boys)

American mouse geneticist and basic transplant immunologist.

George Edward Dobson

Male (Boys)

Was a zoologist, photographer and army surgeon.He was the son of Parke Dobson and was educated at th

George Edward Pelham Box

Male (Boys)

Is one of the most influential statisticians of the 20th century and a pioneer in the areas of quali

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