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Heinrich Boie

Male (Boys)

Was a German zoologist. He was the brother of Friedrich Boie.Boie studied law at Kiel and Göttingen

Heinrich Brandt

Male (Boys)

Was a German mathematician who was the first to develop the concept of groupoid. Brandt studied at t

Heinrich Christian Friedrich Schumacher

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish surgeon, botanist and professor of anatomy at the University of Copenhagen. Schumacher

Heinrich Christian Schumacher

Male (Boys)

Was a German astronomer. He was born at Bramstedt, in Holstein.He was director of the Mannheim obser

Heinrich Eduard Heine

Male (Boys)

Was a German mathematician. Heine was born in Berlin, and became known for results on special functi

Heinrich Eugen Waentig

Male (Boys)

Was a German economist and politician. He finished his habilitation in 1895 at University of Marburg

Heinrich Georg Bronn

Male (Boys)

Was a German geologist and paleontologist.Bronn was born at Ziegelhausen near Heidelberg. Studying a

Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach

Male (Boys)

Was an ornithologist, botanist and the foremost German orchidologist of the 19th century. His father

Heinrich Kiepert

Male (Boys)

German geographer, was born at Berlin.He was educated at the university there, studying especially h

Heinrich Kuhl

Male (Boys)

Was a German naturalist and zoologist.He became assistant to Coenraad Jacob Temminck at Leiden museu

Heinrich Louis D'arrest

Male (Boys)

Was a Prussian astronomer, born in Berlin. His name is sometimes given as Heinrich Ludwig d'Arrest.W

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Heinrich Martin Weber

Male (Boys)

Was a German mathematician who specialized in algebra and number theory. He is best known for his te

Heinrich Rudolf Wullschlägel

Male (Boys)

Was a Russia-born Dutch-German bishop, botanist and translator.Wullschlägel received his primary ed

Heinrich Von Friedberg

Male (Boys)

Was a German jurist and statesman. He studied law at the University of Berlin, earning his degree in

Heinrich Wild I

Male (Boys)

Was a Swiss meteorologist and physicist. He was born December 17, 1833, at Uster, (Canton Zurich), a

Heinrich Wilhelm Dove

Male (Boys)

Was a Prussian physicist and meteorologist.Dove was born in Liegnitz. Dove studied history, philosop

Heinrich Wilhelm Schott

Male (Boys)

Was an Austrian botanist well-known for his extensive work on the aroids (Family Araceae).He was a p

Heinrich-wolfgang Leopoldt

Male (Boys)

Is a German mathematician, who works on algebraic number theory. Leopoldt earned his PhD in 1954 at

Heinz Ludwig Fraenkel-conrat

Male (Boys)

Was a biochemist, famous for his viral research.Due to the rise of Nazism in Germany he left for Sco

Heiric Of Auxerre

Male (Boys)

Was a French Benedictine theologian and writer. He was an oblate of the monastery of St. Germanus of

Heisuke Hironaka

Male (Boys)

A Japanese mathematician. After completing his undergraduate studies at Kyoto University, he receive

Helena Rasiowa

Male (Boys)

Was a Polish mathematician, considered[who?] to be one of the greatest of her time. She worked in fo

Helga Kuhse

Female (Girls)

Is an Australian philosopher and bioethicist

Helmar Gunter Frank

Male (Boys)

Is a German mathematician and pedagogist. He was among the first scientists to apply mathematical me

Helmut Sick

Male (Boys)

Was a German-Brazilian ornithologist.A prominent ornithologist in Brazil, Sick published more than 2

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