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Punjabi Baby Names

The Punjabi follows the Sikh code of conduct or the Sikh Reht Maryada soon after the birth of a baby. The first letter recited in Hukamnama is the first letter of a Punjabi baby name. The letter A is considered to be auspicious and spiritual in Punjabi baby names. The spiritual names are inspired by Guru Granth Sahib while nick names, which are very popular in Panjabi culture are picked up from daily language. In Babynology you can pick up the names alphabetically by letter A or with the first pronounced letter to your baby. The site gives more than thousands of Punjabi names of baby with their meaning to choose from.

Punjabi Boy Names

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Punjabi Girl Names

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Punjabi Baby Boy Names Meaning & Punjabi Baby Girl Names Meaning

Male (Boys)
God's Light
Male (Boys)
Lover Of God.
Male (Boys)
Wonderous Being.
Male (Boys)
Invincible Fosterer.
Male (Boys)
Male (Boys)
Ageless,Supreme Being.
Male (Boys)
God's Lamp.
Male (Boys)
God's Light.
Female (Girls)
Prayers Of GOD
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