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Famous People with Name Adil

Adil as First Name

Adil Shamasdin     Adil Shamasdin       Origin/Culture/Country: American

Adil Shamasdin: is a Canadian professional tennis player who specialises in doubles. Adil's junior career saw him finish ranked #5 in singles and #1 in doubles in Canada. He reached his highest doubles ranking of World No. 97 on 2 August, 2010. His current partner is Jam

Adil Zulfikarpašic     Adil Zulfikarpašic       Origin/Culture/Country: Serbia, Europe

Adil Zulfikarpašic: was a prominent Bosniak politician and intellectual. In 1938 he joined the Communist Party of Yugoslavia and became a Party organizer. In 1942, during World War II, he was caught by the Ustaše (the Croatian pro-Nazi forces) in Sarajevo and was tortured by them and sentenced to death. With the help of Yugoslav Partisans he escaped and in 1945 with the war ending in victory over the Axis powers, the Communists came into power and Zulfikarpašic was appointed Deputy Minister of Trade. He soon became disillusioned with the Josip Broz Tito's government and fled into exile in Zurich, Switzerland. He returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the lead up to the Bosnian War, as Bosnia and Herzegovina held an independence referendum for independence, Zulfikarpašic stood alongside the future Bosnian president, Alija Izetbegovic. He was a member of Izetbegovic's Party of Democratic Action, but soon formed another party because of differing political views, the Muslim Bosniak Organization with Muhamed Filipovic.

Tradition Has Value

Lastly, there's a lot to be said for tradition. Naming the baby as per Numerology or even for the ancestors can have a positive impact on the baby's future. Even if you take these astrological signs with a pinch of salt, a little bit of extra luck never hurt anyone!..


Adil as Last Name

Mehmet Nazim Adil – Sufi Religious Leader     Mehmet Nazim Adil – Sufi Religious Leader       Origin/Culture/Country: Turkish

Mehmet Nazim Adil – Sufi Religious Leader: the leader of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Sufi Order.

Farhan Adil     Farhan Adil       Origin/Culture/Country: Pakistan

Farhan Adil: He is a right-handed batsman and a right-arm offbreak bowler.

Mehmet Nâzim Adil     Mehmet Nâzim Adil       Origin/Culture/Country: Greek

Mehmet Nâzim Adil: is a Turkish Cypriot Sufi Sheikh and leader of the Naqshbandi-Haqqani Order. Born in Larnaca, Cyprus, Nazim traces his lineage back to the 11th-century Sufi Saint Abdul Qadir Jilani and 13th-century mystical poet Jalaluddin Rumi. His maternal and paternal grandfathers were sheikhs in the Qadiri and Mevlevi orders, respectively. As a child, the young Nazim showed a propensity towards spirituality that would determine his future. His father sent him to school to study secular knowledge during the day, followed by the evening in which he studied Islam at the local maktab. This is where he would learn the basics of Islamic law, jurisprudence, the hadith and Qur'anic exegesis. In 1998, Shaykh Nazim was again chief guest of honor at the Second International Islamic Unity Conference, held in Washington DC. Attended by over 6000 people, the highlight of this conference was the ringing denunciation of terrorism by Shaykh Nazim to the 160 Islamic scholars and VIPs from around the world, including the current Grand Mufti of Egypt, Grand Muftis of Russia and neighbouring nations and dignitaries from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East and Africa.

Eldin Adilovic     Eldin Adilovic       Origin/Culture/Country: Serbia, Europe

Eldin Adilovic: is a Bosnian footballer who plays for the Bosnian side FK Željeznicar.

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Parenting Tips

  •   Positive praising will encourage the child to do the good behavior. It will also boost the confidence, and the child will grow positively.

  •    If you find that the child is behaving wrong, try to find the reason behind it, instead of focusing on his attitude.

  •   As you know, your child the best, discuss the issues beforehand and try to get a result which is good and positive for your child.

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