Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy Names

Baby Boy Names & Meaning


Male (Boys)


Apprentice Or Learner


Male (Boys)


Army Of Elves


Male (Boys)

Seventh Manu


Male (Boys)

One Who Is Poignant Like fire | It Signifiesfire


Male (Boys)


The One Who Brings Hope


Male (Boys)


Gold Coin | Gold Unit Of Coinage | Name Of The G


Male (Boys)

Defeater Of Lion


Male (Boys)

A Praiser


Male (Boys)


Ing's Warrior


Male (Boys)


Born Of The Lotus


Baby Name for Boys

The nine months that precede the arrival of your sweet bundle of joy is marked with hectic activity and fervor. There is a special room to decorate, furniture to buy and hospitals to visit. During the course of this journey there is yet another pleasurable task to accomplish. It is called "Mission Baby Name for Boys."

"Wait wait?" you say. "how do you know it is a boy name and a name of baby boy we are supposed to find?" Actually we don't. It could be a girl too. But if it is a boy name you are going to have and baby boy names you have to select, it isn't a tough a task as you think it is. Following the steps listed here will help you choose a name that will indeed make you a proud parent.

Choose a Name of Boy

When choosing a name of boy, you will first have to introspect and decide whether or not you wish to be conservative, middle-of-the-road or modern. For parents who wish to remain traditional, your culture, mythology and history offer many unique choices. If you closely examine the top 100 baby boy names list for any given year, you are sure to notice that many of the top babies boys names find their origins in the Holy Testament. Names such as Joshua, Jacob, and Samuel have Biblical derivations. Michael, for instance, has consistently remained one of the most popular baby boy names. In 2004 for example, "Michael" was #2 on the list. The other four top five boy names in order were Jacob, Joshua, Matthew and Ethan. The origins for all these name of boys are either Biblical or Hebrew in nature.

Baby Boy Names with an International Twist

Baby names transcend geographical boundaries. You could be living in France but you are free to call your baby boy "Hans" which is a beautiful German name. Similarly Arabic names such as Bashir, Abdul and Rahim are Arabic in origin and have religious connotations. Chinese names, on the other hand, besides being often gender neutral, are usually inspired from religion, nature or physical attributes. Examples include Chen which means great, Bao which means treasure and Kuan-yin which represents the Deity of Mercy in the Buddhist tradition.

Egyptian baby boy names are also inspired in part by a culture that is not only six thousand years old but is also rooted deeply in a religious heritage. The Egyptian baby boy name "Rameses" means "the child of the sun." The baby boy name "Ammon" is also the name of a prominent Egyptian God.

Many of these boys name drawn from distinctly unique cultures are not only meaningful, they can also be relevant in today's globally defined culture. After all, your baby boy's name is a permanent affair and a matter of the heart.

Baby Boy Names and the Historical Perspective

The name you eventually select could be inspired by a national leader of your country who helped your country find its rightful place in the global panorama. Many US Presidents have evergreen names such as Theodore, Grover, Calvin, Gerald and Warren. Take a close look at the list of presidents and prime ministers of your country for baby boy name suggestions.

You could also choose a boy name that is well established and comparatively less popular so that your baby boy is able to carve his own unique identity once he grows up. Names such as Brandon, Jason, Kayal and Rupert aren't as common as John, Bob and George. The down side, however, of choosing a trendy name is that there is always the danger of your baby boy being dated because fashionable and trendy names tend to fall out of favor as quickly as they fall in.

Baby Boy Names and Nicknames

Baby boy names associated with Euro-centric cultures have a tendency to carry associated nicknames. For instance, a "Robert" becomes a "Bob," a James" becomes a "Jim," a "Jonathan" becomes a "John" and a "David" becomes a "Dave." This is a partial list at best and you can surely think of many more. There are some who are bothered by this practice, especially when a "Michael" becomes a "Mikey." If you happen to be one of them, it is a wise idea not to choose a name that has an associated nickname. The name game is further complicated by the fact that many of the associated nicknames become more popular than the real names. For example, who would you recognize first-Bill Clinton or William Jefferson Clinton? You can always play it safe by choosing a name from your cultural roots that happens to be a stand-alone name with no associated pet name or nickname. This will not only avoid future confusion but will also help your baby boy to evolve his own unique identity once he ! grows up.

Baby Boy Names in a Fresh Light

As you can tell, considerations to take into account when you embark on the joyous quest of choosing a nice name for your baby boy aren't few but many. The moment you develop a sense of clarity about which approach you should take, choosing a name for your little prince becomes a breeze. Some of these considerations include:

  • Baby boy name that is unique

  • Name that is both popular and trendy

  • Classic boy name inspired by tradition

  • Ethnic boy name that preserves his cultural identity

  • Simplified and easy-to-remember boy name that is easily recognizable

Which direction you wish to swing depends largely on how creative you would like to be and how comfortable you and your family are with tradition. This is a decision that has a long-lasting impact on your baby boys personality and his ability to adjust socially. So choose a name with care and passion. But then that goes without saying because, after all, it is your baby boy!

Note: Please be sure to read many other interesting articles on choosing a baby boy name for your son listed in our article repository on this web site. Thanks.

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