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Haridimos Tsoukas

Male (Boys)

is a Greek professor of organization studies.

Harilaos Perpessas

Male (Boys)

Was a Greek composer of the Modern Era. He studied mainly with Schoenberg in Berlin. There he met Sk

Haris Alexiou

Female (Girls)

Is a Greek singer. She is one of the most popular singers in Greece and has been commercially succes

Haris Vlavianos

Male (Boys)

Is a contemporary Greek poet.[1]

Haris Xanthoudakis

Male (Boys)

A native of Piraeus, Xanthoudakis studied with, among others, Iannis Xenakis. Besides music, he has


Male (Boys)

Was a Greek historian and sceptic philosopher who flourished in the 4th century BC.

Heofanis Christodoulou

Male (Boys)

Was an important member of the Greek national squad that won gold in Eurobasket 1987, and silver med


Male (Boys)

Heraclitus is known for his doctrine of change being central to the universe, and that the Logos is

Hermon Di Giovanno

Male (Boys)

Was a Greek mystic painter. In Boston, while working at the counter of a Boston-area Hayes-Bickford'

Hero Or Heron Of Alexandria

Male (Boys)

Was a mathematician and engineer who flourished in Alexandria, Roman Egypt and is said to be the gre

Herodotos Giorgallas

Male (Boys)

Is a Gymnast from Cyprus

Contemporary or Traditional

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Male (Boys)

Was an early Greek poet and rhapsode, who presumably lived around 700 BC. Hesiod and Homer are gener


Male (Boys)

Was a Greek astronomer, geographer, and mathematician of the Hellenistic period.

Hippocrates Of Cos Ii Or Hippokrates Of Kos

Male (Boys)

Greek: ?pp????t??; Hippokrátes was an ancient Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, and was consi


Male (Boys)

Is an ancient Greek epic poet, traditionally said to be the author of the epic poems the Iliad and t

Hristodoulos Hristos Banikas

Male (Boys)

Is a distinguished Greek chess playe

Hristodoulos (hristos) Banikas

Male (Boys)

Is a distinguished Greek chess playe

Hristos Kalantzis

Male (Boys)

Is a football player who is currently playing for Atromitos. Kalantzis began his career by signing w

Hristos Karipidis

Male (Boys)

Is a Greek professional footballer currently playing for Scottish Premier League club Heart

Hristos Meletoglou

Male (Boys)

His personal best jump is 17.19 metres, achieved in June 2001 in Bremen.

Hristos Polihroniou

Male (Boys)

His personal best throw is 80.08 metres, achieved in April 2002 in Athens. This ranks him second amo

Hristos Tsaganeas

Male (Boys)

Was a Greek actor and a cinematographer. He starred in several movies, his most famous role being th

Hronis Exarhakos

Male (Boys)

Was a Greek actor. He entered in 1963 and performed his first theatrical play Vila ton orgion with t

Hrysopiyi Devetzi

Female (Girls)

Is a Greek athlete competing in the triple jump and also long jump.


Female (Girls)

Was an ancient Greek swimmer and diver given credit for the destruction of the Persian navy around 4

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