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Breastfeeding Myths Dispelled


Below you will find the different breastfeeding myths and the real facts behind them.

Not every woman does so

Well, this is not true. Breastfeeding is not uncommon. If you have not seen any woman who is breastfeeding, it does not mean that women do not breastfeed. Breastfeeding is quite common.

Breastfeeding will cause sagging of my breasts

The fact behind this myth is that there are two reasons, which can cause the sagging of the breast. Aging results in the stretching of the breast tissue and hence, sagging of the breast. Weight gain can be the other reason as the extra weight is distributed all over the body, and a lot of excess weight can be stored over that area.

Formula is basically the same

Most of the women, who do not breastfeed, believe that the formula is same as the breast milk. We should note that there is nothing is as good for babies as the breast milk. It is pure and has all the nutrients, which a baby needs to build a healthy immune system. Although, the formula has all the nutrients, but still it cannot beat the benefits of breast milk.

People do not like to see a woman breastfeeding in public.

A survey has shown that people really do not mind a woman breastfeeding in public. We are living in a modern and civilized society, and everybody understands that breastfeeding is a natural process and vital for the baby as well. Plus, there are many breastfeeding accessories available in the market, which you can use, like a nursing bib or a poncho.

I do not have enough milk

Many new mothers believe that they are not producing enough milk for the baby and switch to the formula. It can be the case in the starting as the body needs time to adapt to the changes but after some time, you will get enough milk for the baby, unless there is any medical problem or infection.

Women cannot have sex while breastfeeding

Some women believe that they cannot have a sex life if they breastfeed. This is not true. It depends on the individual, that how comfortable she is while having sex after the delivery. Breastfeeding has nothing to do with it. There can be other numbers of reasons behind that. Try to figure out the one for you.

I cannot breastfeed, I have to go to work

Well, now you have the solution for this reason as well. There are various types of pumps available in the market, which you can use to pump the milk for your baby. Some companies also allow the nursing breaks or a separate lactation room. Just go and talk to your employer in detail.


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