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Baby Food Healthy Choices


After the age of six months, a child needs solid food as the milk is not enough for the child?s growing requirements. Ideally, a baby should be introduced to solid food at the age of four months. Different people have distinctive opinions about introducing the solid food to the child. Similarly the choices of solid food which should be introduced, is also an issue of debate. That is why parents are left with taking a tough decision about the type of foods to be given to the baby, as friends, relatives, family members and neighbours; everyone has something to say on this subject.

It is true that starting your baby with solid food is the most crucial thing parents have to do, and if you are a first-time parent, you have no idea from where to start with. You want to do the best for your child, but you do not know how? However, you should take it with a positive approach. As every baby is different and there is no particular rule, which you can follow, the best thing to start with is the food, which is tasty, and you want your child to eat even when he is a grown up. Although, most of the parents start with fruits, which is a good option though but starting with vegetables can be even better. You must have heard most children complaining about the vegetables. Children do not like vegetables, especially the green vegetables. What else can be better to start your baby with a food, which is healthy and tasty? Moreover, it is difficult for the baby to accept vegetables after they have tasted the sweet and delicious fruits. If you begin your baby with vegetables, they will develop a taste for them in such an early age. It will surely be helpful when they grow to toddlers.

It is a possibility that your baby refuses the veggies at first, but you have to try with different cooking methods and different combinations. You can also mix fruits and vegetables to prepare a tasty food for your child. After all, fruits and vegetables are the best solid foods for a baby to start with. Both are easy to digest and very nutritious. You can prepare them easily. You should peel the fruits as well, before cooking as it aids in digestion, and it will also avoid the harmful chemicals. The best way is to cook the fruits and vegetables and mash them properly, before feeding to the baby.

You can simply peel the apple and dice them before cooking. Cook the diced apple in steam and check that they are cooked. Feed the steamed apple to your baby. It is highly nutritious and safe. You can also mash the ripened banana and give it to the baby. However, take care of not to start two different food together. Sweet potato is the best option which you can start in vegetables. Boil it and mash it properly before giving to the baby. Slowly, you can add on other fruits and vegetables to the diet of the baby. Keep trying as if the baby has not liked any particular food right now; there are potential chances that he will like it few days later.


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