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Baby Feeding Options For The Working Mother


Modernization, technological advances, alteration in money matters and developed psychology of people has given an option to women to step outside the house and work. However, when it comes to deciding between your passion for work or for your child, it is very hard to decide. Off course, you want to earn a decent living, derive your identity at work, but it should not be on the cost of your child. Gone are the days, when a mother decides to work out of the house, had to give up feeding her baby. With the advancement of technology, a wide range of feeding accessories are now available and a mother can easily cope with feeding her baby and managing her work.

Earlier, the new mothers used to put their babies on the formula when started working again. However, we all know that breastfeeding has its own advantages. By breastfeeding your child, you give all those essential nutrients to your baby, which are absent in formula. You develop a special bond and also shed all that extra kilos you have gained during pregnancy. The mothers do not have to put their child on the formula now, as we have various breastfeeding accessories available these days.

The first and the most important breastfeeding accessory a working mother should have is the breast pump. Breast pump has helped the working mothers to feel that they are close to their baby while still working in the office. There are mainly two types of breast pumps available: Manual and Electrical. The basic difference between the both is the process of extracting the milk. The mother has the control over the manual breast pump while the electronic pump performs the cycle automatically. Both the pumps work on the same cycle of motion as of the child. There are some other accessories, which might work for you if you have decided to take your baby to the office and nurse him/her in public.

Feeding Bras

If you have put your baby to a nearby creche to your office, and you need to go and feed him in between, then these feedings bras are a boon for you. You can easily feed your baby and return to the work without any hassle.

Breast Pads

Breast pads will save your dresses from any staining, which might happen when you are not feeding your baby. It will also serve as a major hygiene purpose.

Storage Containers (Customized)

There are these specially designed containers which are used only to store breast milk for 5-8 hours. It can act as a handy option to feed your baby.

Nursing Bib

A nursing bib helps you to cover yourself and the baby, while feeding in public place. It is very safe and should consider "a must take" during traveling.


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