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Best Baby Shower Invitation Ideas


Baby shower is one of the many important rituals in the parents-to-be life. Having a baby is altogether a different feeling, and each ritual related to it should be celebrated uniquely and so is the baby shower. It is not everyday a baby is born in your family. The ceremony should be up to an extent so that the memories last in your mind forever. However, before the celebration the main thing is to deliver, the baby showers invitations. Baby shower invitations should be unique. There are lots of ideas and themes which you can select while finalizing the invitation cards. You can discuss the invitation ideas with your friends, check the various magazines related to the babies. The Internet is another big source from where you can take many ideas and themes. Although, this particular task can take time but it is worth spending it.

The theme of the celebration is very important. If you simply write the invitation, it would not be that attractive and after all, it's a child's celebration. It should be enthusiastic, and lively. Whatever ideas you select should be innovative and unique. Once you have finalized the ideas and theme, start working on the invitations personally. A personalized invitation filled with warmth, love and affection, is advisable. You should take care of the following points to make the invitations unique and appropriate:-

  • The wordings you use should be appropriate and related to the theme you have selected.

  • The names of the parents can be written in an elegant font and should be spelled correctly.

  • Another important thing is the date of the occasion. Take extra care to write that.

  • Venue and timings should also be written accurately.

  • If there is a gift registry, you should add this in the wording to inform to the guests.

  • There can be a contact number on the invitation card, where the guests can call in case of emergency.

  • You can also add a meaningful poem or lines to express the emotions. It adds to the beauty of the invitation.

  • You can also choose a unique picture for the invitation card. Mostly, the baby shower invitation cards have the picture of a pregnant woman or some have the baby stuff drawn on it. You can select the picture of a couple with a baby crib. The guest will come to know, without reading the card that it is a baby shower invitation card.

  • Furthermore, the color selected should also be appropriate. If the baby is a boy, you can use the shades of blue, and if it is the baby girl, the shades of pink should be used. However, these colors are just the examples. You can use so many available baby colors.

  • The invitation card can also have pretty prints like colored stripes or dots. These prints are ideal for baby shower invitation. You can use various colors like blue, white, green or pink.

No matter what themes or designs you select, it should be in line with the parents. Keep the ceremony a simple and interesting by adding different games and competition. Various ideas and imagination used by you can add to the fun and frolic, making the occasion memorable, which is the ultimate goal of this celebration.


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