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Perfect Game Ideas For Your Baby Shower


The anticipation meter is just about to peak and excitement is in the air! The invitation cards have been duly sent and acknowledged, the arrangements are all done, and the decorations are up in full force. Your baby shower count down is on! How about a few baby shower games to entertain your guests?

While there are literally hundreds and hundreds of baby shower games to choose from, it is your mission and mandate to make your baby shower the most memorable event your friends have attended in a while. To this end, we have a few recommendations which we would like to share with you.

Mainstream Baby Shower Games

There are several baby shower games which you can organize during your event that are universal and mainstream. These games are standard and can be huge fun especially if your circle of friends and family is culturally diverse. You don?t have to play the same old boring games that have made the rounds for years such as guessing the mother?s belly circumference, guessing baby formula brands, or even hunting for the secret diaper hidden somewhere in the banquet hall. It is time to be a little original and innovative!

GAME 1 -: Guess the Mommy

Ask your friends who have children to send you baby pictures of their babies and toddlers even if the kids are grown up. Make this request at least a week in advance. Write the names of the mothers at the back of each picture and ask your guests to guess the mom?s identity. Make sure that the mom is present in the gathering so that she can claim the prize if she happens to win. You can even get fancy with this game and flash the image on a large digital screen with soft piano music in the background. Winners get prizes!

GAME 2 -: The Baby Shopping List

Ask all your friends to pull out their cell phones or even use paper and pencil and make a list of all the baby products you will need to shop for as you get ready to welcome the arrival of the baby. Set a time limit, say two minutes, and look for the entry which lists the maximum number of baby products. Felicitate the guest with the longest list of correct baby products. You can also have a prize for the most creative products listed or the product that only one contestant has listed on the shopping list.

GAME 3 -: Suggest a Baby Name

This is a really interesting game and can be a lot of fun if played right. Hand out index cards to all your friends and ask them to come up with baby name suggestions-- five baby boy names and five baby girl names for your baby which your friends should write on the index card. On the flip side of the index card, contestants should write their cell phone numbers. Once all the entries are in, lay out the cards on a table for everyone to see. Pick the two names you like the most, one for the boy and one for the girl, and flip the card only once your decision is made. Call the cell phone number and award the prizes!


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