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Aaron Arrowsmith

Male (Boys)

Was an English cartographer, engraver and publisher and founding member of the Arrowsmith family of

Aaron Temkin Beck

Male (Boys)

Is an American psychiatrist and a professor emeritus at the department of psychiatry at the Universi

Abd Al-rahman Al-sufi

Male (Boys)

Was a Persian astronomer also known as 'Abd ar-Rahman as-Sufi, or 'Abd al-Rahman Abu al-Husayn, 'Abd

Abdelhamid Ben Badis

Male (Boys)

Sheikh Ben Badis was an emblematic figure of the Islamic Reform movement in Algeria. Albelhamid Ben

Abe Burrows

Male (Boys)

Was an American humorist, author, and director for radio and the stage.Burrows graduated New Utrecht

Abel Aganbegyan

Male (Boys)

Is a Russian economist of Armenian descent.

Abel Rey

Male (Boys)

Was a French philosopher and historian of science. Abel Rey succeeded Gaston Milhaud as professor of

Abraham Adrian Albert

Male (Boys)

Was a mathematician of Russian ancestry. A first generation American, he was born in Chicago and mos

Abraham Bar ?iyya Ha-nasi

Male (Boys)

Was a Catalan Jewish mathematician, astronomer and philosopher, also known as Savasorda (from the Ar

Abraham De Moivre

Male (Boys)

Was a French mathematician famous for de Moivre's formula, which links complex numbers and trigonome

Abraham Dee Bartlett

Male (Boys)

Bartlett had a small natural history shop near to the British Museum where he sold the products of h

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Abraham Even-shoshan

Male (Boys)

Was a Hebrew linguist and lexicographer,Even-Shoshan created the New Dictionary of the Hebrew Langua

Abraham Gotthelf Kästner

Male (Boys)

Was a German mathematician and epigrammatist. He was known in his professional life for writing text

Abraham Gottlob Werner

Male (Boys)

Was a German geologist who set out a now obsolete theory about the stratification of the Earth's cru

Abraham Halevi (adolf) Fraenkel

Male (Boys)

Known as Abraham Fraenkel, was an Israeli mathematician born in Germany.After leaving Marburg in 192

Abraham Joshua Heschel

Male (Boys)

Was a Warsaw-born American rabbi and one of the leading Jewish theologians and Jewish philosophers o

Abraham Manie Abe Adelstein

Male (Boys)

Was a South African born doctor who became the United Kingdom's Chief Medical Statistician.After gra

Abraham Robinson

Male (Boys)

Was a mathematician who is most widely known for development of non-standard analysis, a mathematica

Abraham Trembley

Male (Boys)

Was a Swiss naturalist. He is best known for being the first to study freshwater polyps or hydra and

Abraham Wald

Male (Boys)

Was a mathematician born in Kolozsvár, Hungary (now Cluj, Romania) who contributed to decision theo

Abraham Zacuto

Male (Boys)

Was a Sephardi Jew astronomer, astrologer, mathematician and historian who served as Royal Astronome

Abu Al-fida

Male (Boys)

Was an Arab historian, geographer, and local sultan. Abulfeda crater, on the Moon, is named after hi

Abul Wafa Al-buzjani

Male (Boys)

Was a Persian mathematician and astronomer. He was born in Buzhgan, (now Torbat-e Jam) in Iran.In 95

Achille Brocot

Male (Boys)

Was a French clockmaker[1] and amateur mathematician.[2] He is known for his discovery (independentl

Achille Richard

Male (Boys)

Was a French botanist and physician.Pharmacist in the French fleet and member of several well-known

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