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Saburo Okita

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese economist and government official. Okita graduated from Tokyo Imperial University (no

Sadegh Khalkhali

Male (Boys)

Was a hardline Twelver Shi'a cleric of the Islamic Republic of Iran who is said to have "brought to

Saharon Shelah

Male (Boys)

Is an Israeli mathematician. He is a professor of mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Saint Mesrop Mashtots

Male (Boys)

Was an Armenian monk, theologian and linguist. He is best known for having invented the Armenian alp

Salome Gluecksohn-waelsch

Female (Girls)

Was a German-born U.S. geneticist and co-founder of developmental genetics.She studied under Hans Sp

Salomon Bochner

Male (Boys)

Was an American mathematician of Austrian-Hungarian origin, known for wide-ranging work in mathemati

Salomon Müller

Male (Boys)

Was a German naturalist.Müller was the son of a saddler in Heidelberg. In 1823 Müller, along with

Sam Talbot

Male (Boys)

A Sicilian-American chef from Charlotte, North Carolina, best known as a semi-finalist on Season 2 o

Sami Nair

Male (Boys)

Is an Algerian-born French political philosopher[1] who coined the term "codevelopment".[2][3] A spe

Samuel Botsford Buckley

Male (Boys)

Was an American naturalist.

Samuel De Champlain

Male (Boys)

Was a French navigator, geographer, cartographer, draughtsman, soldier, explorer, ethnologist, diplo

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Samuel Gottlieb Gmelin

Male (Boys)

Was a German physician, botanist and explorer.Gmelin was the author of Historia Fucorum (1768), the

Samuel Heinrich Schwabe

Male (Boys)

A German astronomer remembered for his work on sunspots.Schwabe was born at Dessau. At first an apot

Samuel Jay Keyser

Male (Boys)

An American theoretical linguist who is an authority on the history and structure of the English lan

Samuel Maresius

Male (Boys)

Was a French-Dutch Reformed theologian ad controversialist. He became professor at the Academy of Se

Samuel Molyneux

Male (Boys)

Was a 18th century member of the British parliament from Kew and amateur astronomer whose work with

Samuel Paul Welles

Male (Boys)

Was an American palaeontologist, who was Research Associate at the Museum of Palaeontology, Universi

Samuel Petrus Kleinscmidt

Male (Boys)

Was a German/Danish missionary linguist born in Greenland known for having written extensively about

Samuel Pierpont Langley

Male (Boys)

Was an American astronomer, physicist, inventor of the bolometer and pioneer of aviation. He graduat

Samuel Stanley Wilks

Male (Boys)

Was an American mathematician and academic who played an important role in the development of mathem

Samuel Stillman Berry

Male (Boys)

Was a U.S. marine zoologist specialized on cephalopods.Berry received a B.S. (1909) from Stanford an

Samuel Warren Carey

Male (Boys)

Was an Australian geologist who was an early advocate of the theory of continental drift. His work o

Samuel Wells Williams

Male (Boys)

Was a linguist, missionary and Sinologist from the United States in the early 19th century.On the Ju

Sander Greenland

Male (Boys)

Is a leading authority on biostatistics and quantitative methods for epidemiology. Educated at the U

Sander Pieter Zwegers

Male (Boys)

Is a Dutch mathematician who made a connection between Maass forms and Srinivasa Ramanujan's mock th

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