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Yoko Kando

Female (Girls)

A retired female butterfly swimmer from Japan, who competed for her native countryi at the 1992 Summ

Yoko Kanno

Female (Girls)

Some of Yoko Kanno's most famous soundtrack themes include "Kiseki no Umi" (Lodoss War), "Voices" (M

Yoko Kasahara

Female (Girls)

Is a female Japanese former volleyball player who competed in the 1968 Summer Olympics.

Yoko Koikawa

Female (Girls)

A retired female backstroke swimmer, who represented her native country at the 1992 Summer Olympics

Yoko Komiyama

Male (Boys)

A Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan, a member of the House of Representatives in

Yoko Nagayama

Female (Girls)

A Japanese enka singer, former J-pop singer, and actress.Nagayama continued singing and performing t

Yoko Natsuki

Female (Girls)

One of her television roles was Osono, a ninja in the jidaigeki series Yoshimune Hyobanki: Abarenbo

Yoko Nogiwa

Female (Girls)

A Japanese actress. She graduated from St. Paul's University in Tokyo.

Yoko Ogawa

Female (Girls)

A Japanese writer.She was born in Okayama, Okayama Prefecture, graduated from Waseda University, and

Yoko Oginome

Female (Girls)

A singer, actress and seiyu born on 1968-12-10 in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.[1] Oginome spent

Yoko Ono Lennon

Female (Girls)

Is a Japanese artist and musician. She is known for her work as an avant-garde artist and musician,

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Yoko Shimomura

Female (Girls)

A Japanese video game composer and musician.While working for Capcom, she was a member of the compan

Yoko Shinozaki

Female (Girls)

Is a Japanese volleyball player and Olympic champion.She was a member of the Japanese winning team a

Yoko Takahashi

Female (Girls)

A Japanese singer, perhaps best known for performing A Cruel Angel's Thesis (????????? ,Zankoku na T

Yoko Tawada

Male (Boys)

A Japanese writer currently living in Berlin, Germany.Tawada was born in Tokyo, received her undergr

Yoko Ueno

Female (Girls)

A Japanese recording artist. She has performed in the bands, Oranges & Lemons, Vita Nova, Marsh-Mall

Yoko Wanibuchi

Female (Girls)

A Japanese politician of the New Komeito Party, a member of the House of Councillors in the Diet (na

Yokoi Shonan

Male (Boys)

Was a Bakumatsu and early Meiji period scholar and political reformer in Japan, influential around t

Yokoyama Matsusaburo

Male (Boys)

Was a pioneering Japanese photographer, artist, lithographer and teacher.Early in his life, Yokoyama

Yoma Komatsu

Male (Boys)

The eldest member of the Konami-produced J-Pop group BeForU. Komatsu was born in Tokyo, Japan on Dec

Yone Noguchi

Male (Boys)

Was an influential writer of poetry, fiction, essays, and literary criticism in both English and Jap

Yonehara Kousuke

Male (Boys)

A Japanese vocalist and actor currently part of the J-pop group Run&Gun. He was born in Osaka.He was

Yonosuke Natori

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese photographer and editor.Natori studied at Keio normal school but upon graduation went

Yorihisa Matsuno

Male (Boys)

A Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan, a member of the House of Representatives in

Yoriko Kawaguchi

Female (Girls)

A Japanese politician. She was born in Tokyo. She holds a B.A. in international relations from the U

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