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Eric Ripert

Male (Boys)

Is a French chef working in New York City. He was raised in France and learned to cook at a young ag

Eric Schiller

Male (Boys)

An American chess player, trainer, arbiter and author. Schiller has a Ph.D. and is a published autho

Eric Stark Maskin

Male (Boys)

A American economist and Nobel laureate recognized with Leonid Hurwicz and Roger Myerson "for having

Eric Steven Lander

Male (Boys)

A Professor of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a member of the Whitehead

Eric Trolle

Female (Girls)

Was elected regent of Sweden in 1512, during the era of Kalmar Union. He was Justiciar of Närke and

Erich Hecke

Male (Boys)

Was a German mathematician. He obtained his doctorate in Göttingen under the supervision of David H

Erich Maren Schlaikjer

Male (Boys)

Was an American geologist and dinosaur hunter. Assisting Barnum Brown, he co-described Pachycephalos

Erich Obst

Male (Boys)

Was a German geographer and geopolitician. Between 1924 and 1944 he was the editor of the German geo

Erich Pinchas Fromm

Male (Boys)

Jewish-German-American social psychologist, psychoanalyst, and humanistic philosopher. He was associ

Erich Von Tschermak-seysenegg

Male (Boys)

Was an Austrian agronomist.von Tschermak is one of three men - see also Hugo de Vries and Carl Corre

Erik Acharius

Male (Boys)

Was a Swedish botanist who pioneered the taxonomy of lichens and is known as the "father of lichenol

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Erik Herbert Palmén

Male (Boys)

Was the most famous researcher of meteorology in Finland. He worked together with Vilhelm Bjerknes w

Erik Nissen Viborg

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish veterinarian and botanist.From 1784 to 1787, Viborg travelled in Europe. After his retu

Erik Robert Lindahl

Male (Boys)

Was a Swedish economist and a member of the Stockholm school.In 1919, Lindahl proposed a method of f

Erma Louise Bombeck

Female (Girls)

Was an American humorist who achieved great popularity for her newspaper column that described subur

Ernest Benjamin Esclangon

Male (Boys)

Was a French astronomer and 1895 he started to study mathematics at the École Norm

Ernest Brown Babcock

Male (Boys)

Was an United States plant geneticist. His pioneering work on the genetics of the genus Crepis and h

Ernest Corominas I Vigneaux

Male (Boys)

Is a Spanish-French mathematician. he studied architecture and mathematics at the University of Barc

Ernest De Jonquières

Male (Boys)

Was a French mathematician who made several contributions in geometry.

Ernest Edward Galpin

Male (Boys)

Was a South African botanist and banker. He left some 16,000 sheets to the National Herbarium in Pre

Ernest Everett Just

Male (Boys)

Was a pioneering African American U.S. biologist. Just spent his adult life collecting, classifying,

Ernest Vessiot

Male (Boys)

Was a French mathematician. He was born in Marseille, France and died in La Bauche, Savoie, France.

Ernest William Brown

Male (Boys)

Was an English mathematician and astronomer, who spent the majority of his career working in the Uni

Ernesto Bustamante

Male (Boys)

A prominent scientist known for his expertise and contributions to the field of molecular biology.Bu

Ernst Behler

Male (Boys)

Was a German philosopher. In 1976 he was Chairman of the Department of Comparative Literature at the

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