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Edwin Harris Colbert

Male (Boys)

Was a distinguished vertebrate paleontologist and prolific researcher and author. He received his A.

Edwin James George Pitman

Male (Boys)

Was a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Tasmania from 1926 to 1962, and a visiting profe

Edwin Mellor Southern

Male (Boys)

A 2005 Lasker Award-winning molecular biologist. His award is for the invention of the Southern blot

Edwin Powell Hubble

Male (Boys)

Was an American astronomer. He profoundly changed astronomers' understanding of the nature of the un

Eemil Nestor Setälä

Male (Boys)

Was the acting head of state of Finland from November 7, 1917 to November 15, 1917.Setälä was a li

Eero Tarasti

Male (Boys)

A Finnish musicologist and semiotician, currently serving as Professor of Musicology at the Universi

Efim Isaakovich Zelmanov

Male (Boys)

Zelmanov was born into a Jewish family in Khabarovsk, Soviet Union (now in Russia). He obtained doct

Egbert Adriaan Kreiken

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch teacher and astronomer.For most of his life he served as an educator, working in the dev

Egon Bondy

Male (Boys)

Was a Czech philosopher, writer, and poet, one of the main personalities of the Prague underground.I

Egon Sharpe Pearson

Male (Boys)

Was the only son of Karl Pearson, and like his father, a leading British statistician. He went to Wi

Egon Zakrajšek

Male (Boys)

Was a Slovene mathematician and computer scientist.Zakrajšek was born in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (tod

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Einar Ingvald Haugen

Male (Boys)

Was an American linguist and Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Harvard University.Hau

Eino Sakari Kaila

Male (Boys)

Was a Finnish philosopher, critic and teacher. He worked in numerous fields including psychology (so

Ejnar Hertzsprung

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish chemist and astronomer.In the period 1911-1913 with Henry Norris Russell, he developed

Elbert Dijkgraaf

Male (Boys)

Is a Dutch economist and politician. He is a member of the Reformed Political Party (SGP) and since

Eleanor Anne Ormerod

Female (Girls)

Was an English entomologist.In 1877 she issued a pamphlet, Notes for Observations on Injurious Insec

Elgin Earl Groseclose

Male (Boys)

Was an American economist, statesman, and author.Special assistant to Arthur Millspaugh's economic m

Eli Filip Heckscher

Male (Boys)

Was a Swedish political economist and economic historian.Heckscher was born in Stockholm into a prom

Eli Fischer-jørgensen

Female (Girls)

Was professor emeritus of linguistics at the University of Copenhagen, she was a member of the Danis

Elias Magnus Fries

Male (Boys)

Was a Swedish mycologist and botanist born at Femsjö in Småland.In 1811 he entered the University

Elisabeth Altmann-gottheiner

Female (Girls)

Was the first woman to become a university lecturer in Germany.In 1904, she received a doctorate in

Elisabeth Kübler-ross,

Female (Girls)

Was a Swiss-born psychiatrist and the author of the groundbreaking book On Death and Dying, where sh

Elizabeth Gladys “millvina” Dean

Female (Girls)

Is, at age 96, the last remaining survivor of the sinking of the RMS Titanic that occurred 15 April

Elizabeth Roemer

Female (Girls)

An American astronomer whose research interests center on comets and asteroids.She discovered the as

Elizabeth Scott

Female (Girls)

Was an American mathematician specializing in statistics.Scott was born in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, her

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