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Sergei Lvovich Sobolev

Male (Boys)

Was a Russian mathematician, working in mathematical analysis and partial differential equations. He

Sergei Petrovich Novikov

Male (Boys)

Is a Russian mathematician, noted for work in both algebraic topology and soliton theory.

Sergei Sergeevich Chetverikov

Male (Boys)

Was one of the early contributors to the development of the field of genetics. His research showed h

Sergei Vasilovich Fomin

Male (Boys)

Was a Russian mathematician who, among his other accomplishments was a co-author with Kolmogorov of

Sergej Ivanovich Ognew

Male (Boys)

Was a Russian zoologist and naturalist, remembered for his work on mammalogy. He graduated from Mosc

Seth Barnes Nicholson

Male (Boys)

Was an American astronomer.In 1914, at the University of California's Lick Observatory, while observ

Seth Eugene Meek

Male (Boys)

Was an American ichthyologist at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. He was the first co

Sewall Green Wright

Male (Boys)

Was an American geneticist known for his influential work on evolutionary theory and also for his wo

Seymour Benzer

Male (Boys)

Was an accomplished American physicist, molecular biologist and behavioral geneticist. With a career

Seymour Geisser

Male (Boys)

Was a statistician noted for emphasizing the role of prediction in statistical inference. In his boo

Seymour S. Kety

Male (Boys)

Was an American neuroscientist who was credited with making modern psychiatry a rigorous and heurist

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Shalva Nutsubidze

Male (Boys)

Was a Georgian philosopher, translator and public benefactor, one of founders of the Tbilisi State U

Sharadchandra Shankar Shrikhande

Male (Boys)

He is notable for his work along with R. C. Bose and E. T. Parker in their disproof of the famous co

Sheila A. Dooley

Female (Girls)

A professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona. She is the coauthor of one book, and has ha

Shen Dao

Male (Boys)

Was an itinerant Chinese philosopher from Zhao who also served at the Jixia academy in Qi. His own o

Shen Kua

Male (Boys)

Was a polymathic Chinese scientist and statesman of the Song Dynasty (960–1279). Excelling in many

Shen Kuo

Male (Boys)

Was a polymathic Chinese scientist and statesman of the Song Dynasty (960–1279). Excelling in many

Sherburne Wesley Burnham

Male (Boys)

Was an American astronomer.He worked at Yerkes Observatory. All his working life, he served during t

Sherwin Rosen

Male (Boys)

Was an American labor economist. He had ties with many American universities and academic institutio

Shi Shen

Male (Boys)

Was a Chinese astronomer and contemporary of Gan De born in the State of Wei, also known as the Mast

Shibukawa Shunkai

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese scholar and the first official astronomer appointed of the Edo period. He revised the

Shiing-shen Chern

Male (Boys)

Was a Chinese American mathematician, one of the leaders in differential geometry of the twentieth c

Shikao Ikehara

Male (Boys)

A Japanese mathematician. He was a student of Norbert Wiener at MIT (PhD 1930). Ikehara, using Wiene

Shin Hirayama

Male (Boys)

Was the first Japanese astronomer to discover an asteroid. In 1900 he discovered 498 Tokio and 727 N

Shing-tung Yau

Male (Boys)

Is a mathematician working in differential geometry, and involved in the theory of Calabi-Yau manifo

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