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Shinkichi Hashimoto

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese linguist born in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture.His major finding was the discovery of Jod

Shokichi Iyanaga

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese mathematician.Iyanaga returned to Tokyo in 1934 and was appointed Assistant Professor

Sholem Aleichem

Male (Boys)

Was the penname of the popular humorist and Russian (geographically, Ukrainian) Jewish author of Yid

Shoshichi Kobayashi

Male (Boys)

A famous Japanese mathematician. His research area are Riemannian and complex manifolds, infinite Li

Shuichi Nakamura

Male (Boys)

A Japanese economist from Tsuruoka, Yamagata and a graduate of Tokyo Keizai University. He is a prof


Male (Boys)

Was a linguist of Persian origin born ca. 760 in the town of Bayza (ancient Nesayak) in the Fars pro

Sidney Dillon Ripley

Male (Boys)

Was a noted American ornithologist and leader in wildlife conservation. He served as Secretary of th

Sidney Irving Smith

Male (Boys)

Was an American zoologist. Sidney Smith was the son of Elliot Smith and Lavinia Barton. His brother

Siegfried Heinrich Aronhold

Male (Boys)

Was a German mathematician who worked on invariant theory and introduced the symbolic method.

Siegfried Johannes Gottwald

Male (Boys)

Is a German mathematician, logician and historian of science. He is tenured professor of non-classic

Silvio Gesell

Male (Boys)

Was a German merchant, theoretical economist, social activist, anarchist and founder of Freiwirtscha

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Simeon Djankov

Male (Boys)

The chief economist of the finance and private sector vice-presidency of the World Bank. In his thir

Simion Stoilow Or Stoilov

Male (Boys)

Was a Romanian mathematician, creator of the Romanian school of complex analysis, and author of over

Simon Conway Morris

Male (Boys)

He was born in 1951 and brought up in London, England.[1] He made his reputation with a very detaile

Simon Cornelis Dik

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch linguist, most famous for developing the theory of functional grammar. He occupied the c

Simon Foucher

Male (Boys)

Was a French polemic[1] philosopher. His philosophical standpoint was one of Academic skepticism: he

Simon Marius

Male (Boys)

Was a German astronomer. He was born in Gunzenhausen near Nuremberg, but most of his lifetime he spe

Simon Newcomb

Male (Boys)

Was a Canadian-American astronomer and mathematician. Though he had little conventional schooling, h

Simon Smith Kuznets

Male (Boys)

American economist at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania who won the 1971 Nobel Pr

Simon Stevin

Male (Boys)

Was a Flemish mathematician and engineer. He was active in a great many areas of science and enginee

Simone De Beauvoir

Female (Girls)

Was a French author and philosopher. She wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, politics, and socia

Simone Weil

Female (Girls)

Who occasionally used the anagrammatic pen name Emile Novis, was a French philosopher, Christian mys

Sir Alexander Fleming

Male (Boys)

Was a Scottish biologist and pharmacologist. Fleming published many articles on bacteriology, immuno

Sir Bent Skovmand

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish plant scientist and conservationist. Time Magazine wrote in 1991 that Skovmand, "'while

Sir Bernard Katz

Male (Boys)

Was a German-born biophysicist, noted for his work on nerve biochemistry.

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