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Kaduya Shinba

Male (Boys)

A Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan, a member of the House of Councillors in the

Kaela Kimura

Female (Girls)

A Japanese rock and pop singer, songwriter, model, and presenter.Kaela released her first and last i

Kaga Otohiko

Male (Boys)

A Japanese author.Kaga was born in Tokyo, and studied psychiatry and criminology at the University o

Kagamisato Kiyoji

Male (Boys)

Was a sumo wrestler from Aomori Prefecture, Japan. He was the sport's 42nd Yokozuna. He was promoted

Kahimi Karie

Female (Girls)

Kahimi sings in English, French, and Japanese (among other languages) with whisper-like vocals. A nu


Female (Girls)

A Japanese actress and fashion model. Her real name is not disclosed.From 2004 to 2007, Kaho was the

Kaho Shimada

Female (Girls)

A Japanese singer and musical theater actress. Born and raised in Tokyo, she attended Tokyo Municipa

Kai Ato

Male (Boys)

A male Japanese actor and TV presenter. His real name is Koichi Ato (?? ??, Ato Koichi?), and his fo

Kaibara Ekken Or Ekiken

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese Neo-Confucianist philosopher and botanist.Ekken was destined to introduce two great i

Kaido Yasuhiro

Male (Boys)

Is a former sumo wrestler from Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan. He was a member of the Tomozuna-beya (Tomozuna s

Kaietsu Takagi

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese photographer.After studying at Waseda University, Takagi joined Okura-gumi (???) and

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Kaiho Ryoji

Male (Boys)

Is a former sumo wrestler from Aomori, Japan. His highest rank has been komusubi. An amateur champio

Kaijiro Kaimoto

Male (Boys)

Is a Japanese football player who currently plays for Australian A-League side North Queensland Fury

Kaiketsu Masateru

Male (Boys)

Is a former sumo wrestler, who reached the second highest rank of ozeki on two separate occasions. H

Kaiki Nobuhide

Male (Boys)

Is a former sumo wrestler from Tenmabayashi, Aomori, Japan. Making his debut in September 1965, he e

Kaio Hiroyuki

Male (Boys)

Is a professional sumo wrestler from Nogata, Fukuoka, Japan. He made his debut in 1988, reaching the

Kaito Yamamoto

Male (Boys)

A Japanese football player currently playing for J1 team Shimizu S-Pulse.Having worked his way throu

Kajinosuke Tanikaze

Male (Boys)

Was a sumo wrestler in Japan in the Tokugawa era, and the first to be awarded the title of Yokozuna

Kakichi Mitsukuri

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese zoölogist, born at Edo. In 1873 he came to the United States, where he received the

Kakizoe Toru

Male (Boys)

Is a sumo wrestler. A former amateur champion, he turned professional in 2001 and reached the top di

Kakou Senda

Male (Boys)

A Japanese writer. He wrote "Military Comfort woman (?????, Jugun-ianfu?)" in 1973.[citation needed

Kaku Takagawa

Male (Boys)

Was one of the most successful professional Go players of the twentieth century.Kaku Takagawa won th

Kakuei Tanaka

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese politician and the 64th and 65th Prime Minister of Japan from 7 July 1972 to 22 Decem

Kakuichi Mimura

Male (Boys)

Is a former Japanese football player and manager. He was part of the Japan national team for the 195

Kameya Tokujiro

Female (Girls)

Was a pioneering, though now little-known, nineteenth-century Japanese photographer. Kameya's origin

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