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Uchida Kakichi

Male (Boys)

Was the 9th Governor-General of Taiwan from September 6, 1923 to September 1924. Prior to assuming t

Uchida Kuichi

Male (Boys)

Was a pioneering Japanese photographer from Nagasaki. He was greatly respected as a portrait photogr

Uchimura Kanzo

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese author, Christian evangelist, and the founder of the Nonchurch Movement (Mukyokai) of

Uda Shintaro

Male (Boys)

Japanese inventor. Professor at Tohoku University, where he invented the Yagi-Uda antenna in 1926.

Udagawa Yoan

Male (Boys)

Was a 19th-century Japanese scholar of Western Studies, or "Rangaku". In 1840, he published his Intr

Udo Suzuki

Male (Boys)

Born January 19, 1970), also known as Udo, is Japanese musician and comedian. He used to be member o

Ueda Akinari

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese author, scholar and waka poet, and perhaps the most prominent literary figure in eigh

Ueno Hikoma

Male (Boys)

Was a pioneer Japanese photographer, born in Nagasaki. He is noted for his fine portraits, often of

Uesugi Mochinori

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese samurai of the late Edo period who served as the last daimyo of Yonezawa han in Dewa

Ueyama Shunpei

Male (Boys)

A Japanese philosopher associated with the postwar Kyoto School. He graduated in philosophy from Kyo

Ugaki Kazusige

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese general and politician of Taisho and Showa periods.Born in Okayama, he served as War

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Ukai Gyokusen

Male (Boys)

Was a pioneering Japanese photographer. Although he is much less well known than his contemporaries

Ukyo Katayama

Male (Boys)

Is a Japanese racing driver, most notable for competing six years in Formula One. Despite struggling

Umanosuke Ueda

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese professional wrestler whose stage name was inspired by Samurai of Shinsengumi Umanosu

Umegatani Totaro

Male (Boys)

Was a sumo wrestler from Asakura, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. He was the sport's 15th Yokozuna. He wa

Umegatani Totaro Ii

Male (Boys)

Was a sumo wrestler from Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture, Japan. He was the sport's 20th Yokozuna. Um

Umetaro Suzuki

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese scientist, born in Shizuoka Prefecture. He was one of the students of famed German Ch

Unryu Kyukichi

Male (Boys)

Was a sumo wrestler from Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. He was the sport's 10th Yokozuna. He m

Uri Nakayama

Female (Girls)

A female singer-songwriter and hairdresser in Japan. Nakayama as a musician is written mainly here.N

Ushio Amagatsu

Male (Boys)

A Japanese choreographer known for the creation of the Butoh troupe Sankai Juku (???). Amagatsu form

Ushio Shinohara

Male (Boys)

A Japanese Neo-Dadaist artist. He was born in Tokyo in 1932 and is nicknamed “Gyu-chan”. His exc

Ushiomaru Motoyasu

Male (Boys)

Is a former sumo wrestler from Shizuoka, Japan. He began his professional career in 1994 and first r

Usui Kojima

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese author from Yokohama who authored over 20 books. He was also known for amassing a col

Utako Nagamitsu

Female (Girls)

Was a Japanese figure skater who now works as a coach and choreographer. She won the Japan Junior Fi

Utako Wakamatsu

Female (Girls)

A Japanese figure skater who competed internationally in the disciplines of single skating and pair

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