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Arnold Gehlen

Male (Boys)

Was an influential conservative German philosopher and sociologist.He joined the Nazi Party in 1933

Arnold Henry Guyot

Male (Boys)

Swiss-American geologist and geographer, was born at Boudevilliers, near Neuchâtel, Switzerland.He

Arnold Zellner

Male (Boys)

An American economist and statistician specializing in the fields of Bayesian probability and econom

Arnoldo Frigessi Di Rattalma

Male (Boys)

Is an Italian statistician based in Norway, where he is a professor at the Department of Biostatisti

Arthur Arno Wachmann

Male (Boys)

Was a German astronomer.With Arnold Schwassmann he co-discovered the periodic comets 29P/Schwassmann

Arthur Betz Laffer

Male (Boys)

Is a "supply-side" economist who became influential during the Reagan administration as a member of

Arthur Betz Laffer, Sr.

Male (Boys)

A supply-side economist who became influential during the Reagan administration as a member of Reaga

Arthur Capell

Male (Boys)

Was an Australian linguist, who made major contributions to the study of Australian languages, Austr

Arthur Cecil Pigou

Male (Boys)

Was an English economist. As a teacher and builder of the school of economics at Cambridge Universit

Arthur Cleveland Bent

Male (Boys)

American ornithologist. He is notable for his encyclopedic 21-volume work, Life Histories of North A

Arthur David Waley

Male (Boys)

Was a noted English Orientalist and Sinologist.Waley was born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, as

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Arthur Ernest Mourant

Male (Boys)

Was a British chemist, hematologist and geneticist who pioneered research into biological anthropolo

Arthur H. Robinson

Male (Boys)

Was an American geographer and cartographer.During World War II, Robinson served as director of the

Arthur Hay

Male (Boys)

Was a Scottish soldier and ornithologist. He was born at Yester, Gifford, East Lothian. He served as

Arthur Holmes

Male (Boys)

Was a British geologist. As a child he lived in Low Fell, Gateshead and attended the Gateshead Highe

Arthur Leonard Rubin

Male (Boys)

An American mathematician who has earned a place among the five top-ranked undergraduate competitors

Arthur Lyon Bowley

Male (Boys)

Was an English statistician and economist who worked on economic statistics and pioneered the use of

Arthur Norman Prior

Male (Boys)

Was a noted logician. Prior (1957) founded tense logic, now also known as temporal logic, and made i

Arthur Pardee

Male (Boys)

An American biochemist. One biographical portrait [1] begins "Among the titans of science, Arthur Pa

Arthur Schopenhauer

Male (Boys)

German philosopher best known for his work The World as Will and Representation. Schopenhauer respon

Arthur Smith Woodward

Male (Boys)

Was an English palaeontologist.Woodward was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, England and was educated

Arthur Stanley Eddington

Male (Boys)

Was an English astrophysicist of the early 20th century. The Eddington limit, the natural limit to t

Arthur Westlake Andrews

Male (Boys)

Was a British geographer, poet, rock-climber, and mountaineer.He trained as a geographer (FRGS 1896)

Arthur Young

Male (Boys)

Was an English writer on agriculture, economics and social statistics.In 1767 he took over a farm in

Arto Haapala

Male (Boys)

A Finnish philosopher, aesthetician and Professor of Aesthetics at the Institute for Art Research at

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