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Beverley Mclachlin

Female (Girls)

The Chief Justice of Canada, the first woman to hold that position.In 1981 she was appointed to the

Bhadriraju Krishnamurti

Male (Boys)

An eminent Dravidianist and the most respected Indian linguist of his generation. He was a former Vi


Male (Boys)

Was an Indian mathematician and astronomer. He was born near Bijjada Bida (in present day Bijapur di

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar

Male (Boys)

Also known as Babasaheb, was an Indian nationalist, jurist, Dalit political leader and a Buddhist re

Bill Giles

Male (Boys)

A former British weather forecaster and television presenter.He first became interested in meteorolo

Billings Learned Hand

Male (Boys)

Was an influential United States judge and judicial philosopher. He served on the Southern District

Billy Haughton

Male (Boys)

Was an American harness driver and trainer, and one of the most-winning drivers ever. He was one of

Bingu Wa Mutharika

Male (Boys)

A Malawi economist, politician, and the current President of Malawi. He took office on May 24, 2004,

Birgit Anette Olsen

Female (Girls)

Is a Danish linguist, associate professor at the Roots of Europe research center at the University o

Biswamoy Biswas

Male (Boys)

Was an Indian ornithologist who was born in Calcutta, the son of a professor of Geology. In 1947, he

Bjarni Jónsson

Male (Boys)

Is an Icelandic mathematician and logician working in universal algebra and lattice theory. He is em

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Blair Jane Chenoweth

Female (Girls)

An American professional wrestler and valet, best known for her work in World Wrestling Entertainmen

Bob Bellear

Male (Boys)

The first Indigenous Australian judge

Bohdan Urbankowski

Male (Boys)

Is a Polish writer, poet and philosopher.Opposition activist in People's Republic of Poland; receive

Bohumil Sekla

Male (Boys)

Was a Czech biologist. He specialised in genetics and was known as an expert in determining parentho

Bonaventura Francesco Cavalieri

Male (Boys)

Was an Italian mathematician known for Cavalieri's principle, which states that the volumes of two o

Bora Laskin

Male (Boys)

Was a Canadian jurist, who served on the Supreme Court of Canada for fourteen years, including a dec

Boris Ephrussi

Male (Boys)

Was a French geneticist of Russian origin. He was one of the many famous Jewish life scientists. He

Boris Yakovych Bukreyev

Male (Boys)

Was a Ukrainian mathematician who worked in the areas of complex functions and differential equation

Boyd Alexander

Male (Boys)

Was an English British Army officer, explorer and ornithologist.Lieutenant Boyd Francis Alexander wa

Bradley Efron

Male (Boys)

Is a statistician best known for proposing the bootstrap resampling technique, which has had a major


Male (Boys)

Was an Indian mathematician. He was the author of Karanaprakasa, which is a commentary on the Aryabh

Branko Horvat

Male (Boys)

Was Croatian economist and politician. He worked a long time at the Institute of Economic Sciences,

Brent D. Galloway

Male (Boys)

An American linguist noted for his work with endangered Amerindian languages.Galloway received his B

Brian Charlesworth

Male (Boys)

A British evolutionary biologist and editor of Biology Letters.Charlesworth gained a B.A. in natural

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