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Frederick John Vine

Male (Boys)

A marine geologist and geophysicist and was a key contributor to the theory of plate tectonics.Profe

Frederick Leslie Ransome

Male (Boys)

Was an American geologist, born at Greenwich, England. He was educated at the University of Californ

Frederick Nutter Chasen

Male (Boys)

Was an English zoologist.Chasen was appointed Director of the Raffles Museum in 1932 in succession t

Frederick Octavius Pickard-cambridge

Male (Boys)

Was an English arachnologist. He is often confused with his uncle, Octavius Pickard-Cambridge (1828

Frederick Smith

Male (Boys)

Was a British entomologist.Smith worked in the zoology department of the British Museum from 1849, s

Frederick Traugott Pursh

Male (Boys)

Was a German-American botanist. Born in Grossenhain, Saxony, he was educated at Dresden Botanical Ga

Frederick Vernon Coville

Male (Boys)

Was an American botanist who careered in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), where h

Frederick William Beechey

Male (Boys)

Was an English naval officer and geographer.He was the son of Sir William Beechey, RA., and was born

Frederick William Frohawk

Male (Boys)

Was an English zoological artist and lepidopterist.Frohawk was born at Brisley Hall, East Dereham, N

Frederick William Herschel,

Male (Boys)

Was a German-born British astronomer and composer who became famous for discovering Uranus. He also

Frederick William Thomas Burbidge

Male (Boys)

Was a British explorer who collected many rare tropical plants for the famous Veitch Nurseries. Burb

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Frederick William True

Male (Boys)

Was an American biologist, the first head curator of biology (1897-1911) at the United States Nation

Frederick Wollaston Hutton,

Male (Boys)

Was an English scientist who applied the theory of natural selection to explain the origins and natu

Frederik Christian Raben

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish count, traveller and amateur naturalist.F. C. Raben was the owner of the estate Christi

Frederik Kaiser

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch astronomer. He was director of the Leiden Observatory from 1838 until his death.He is cr

Frederik Marcus Knuth

Male (Boys)

Was a taxonomist especially known for the collection and classification of cactuses. He collected an

Frederik Michael Liebmann

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish botanist. Liebmann studied botany at the University of Copenhagen, although he never ob

Fredric Hasselquist

Male (Boys)

Was a Swedish traveller and naturalist.On account of the frequently expressed regrets of Carolus Lin

Fredrick Kenneth Hare

Male (Boys)

Was a Canadian climatologist and academic, who researched atmospheric carbon dioxide, climate change

Fredrik Christian Emil Børgesen

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish botanist and phycologist. He graduated in botany from the University of Copenhagen and

Friedemann Paul Erhardt

Male (Boys)

Was a German American pioneering early television chef. He was known as "Chef Tell" to his fans.[1]

Friedrich Calker

Male (Boys)

German philosopher, was educated in Jena. For a short time, he was a lecturer in Berlin. In 1818, he

Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher

Male (Boys)

German theologian and philosopher known for his impressive attempt to reconcile the criticisms of th

Friedrich Engel

Male (Boys)

Was a German mathematician. Engel studied under Felix Klein at Leipzig, and collaborated with Sophus

Friedrich Engels

Male (Boys)

philosopher, political economist, and collaborator with Karl Marx

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