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Joseph Nicolas Delisle

Male (Boys)

Was a French astronomer. He was one of the 11 sons of Claude Delisle (1644-1720). Like many of his b

Joseph Nicolas Nicollet

Male (Boys)

Was a French geographer and mathematician known for mapping the Upper Mississippi River basin during

Joseph Norman Lockyer

Male (Boys)

Was an English scientist and astronomer. Along with the French scientist Pierre Janssen he is credit

Joseph Oesterlé

Male (Boys)

Is a French mathematician who, along with David Masser, formulated the abc conjecture in 1985. It is

Joseph Oscar Irwin

Male (Boys)

British statistician who advanced the use of statistical methods in biological assay and other field

Joseph Partsch

Male (Boys)

Was a German geographer, born at Schreiberhau, Silesia. He studied at the University of Breslau, rec

Joseph Paul Gaimard

Male (Boys)

Was a French naturalist.Along with Jean René Constant Quoy he served as naturalist aboard the ships

Joseph Sabine

Male (Boys)

Was an English lawyer and naturalist. He was the elder brother of Sir Edward Sabine.Sabine practiced

Joseph Sambrook

Male (Boys)

Internationally renowned for his studies of DNA tumour viruses and the molecular biology of normal a

Joseph Saurin

Male (Boys)

Was a French mathematician who was the first to show how the tangents at the multiple points of curv

Joseph Sauveur

Male (Boys)

Was a French mathematician and physicist. He was a professor of mathematics and in 1696 became a mem

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Joseph Story

Male (Boys)

Was an American lawyer and jurist who served on the Supreme Court of the United States from 1811 to

Joseph Valentin Boussinesq

Male (Boys)

Was a French mathematician and physicist who made significant contributions to the theory of hydrody

Joseph-nicolas Delisle

Male (Boys)

Was a French astronomer. He was one of the 11 sons of Claude Delisle (1644–1720). Like many of his

Joshua Brookes

Male (Boys)

Was a British anatomist and naturalist.He studied under John Hunter in London. He became a teacher o

Joshua Michael Wurman

Male (Boys)

An atmospheric scientist noted for tornado, hurricane, and weather radar research. He created the Do

Josiah Charles Stamp

Male (Boys)

Was a British civil servant, industrialist, economist, statistician and banker. He was a director of

Josiah Dwight Whitney

Male (Boys)

Was an American geologist, professor of geology at Harvard University (from 1865), and chief of the

Josif Pancic

Male (Boys)

Was a Serbian botanist of Croatian origin. He was a famous lecturer at the Great School in Belgrade.

Jotun Hein

Male (Boys)

Is Professor of Bioinformatics at the Department of Statistics of the University of Oxford and a pro

Jovan Ajdukovic

Male (Boys)

A Serbian linguist.Jovan Ajdukovic graduated from the University of Belgrade, Serbia in 1991. His ma

Jovan Cvijic

Male (Boys)

Was a Serbian geographer, president of the Serbian Royal Academy of Sciences, and rector of the Univ

Juan Bautista Rael

Male (Boys)

Was an American ethnographer, linguist, and folklorist who studied the people, stories, and language

Juan Carlos Troll

Male (Boys)

Was a German geographer, brother of botanist Wilhelm Troll.From 1919 until 1922 Troll studied amongs

Juan Ignacio Molina

Male (Boys)

Was a Chilean priest and naturalist.He was educated at Talca and the Jesuit College at Concepción.

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