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Mehmet Naim Talu

Male (Boys)

Was a Turkish economist, banker, politician and former Prime Minister of Turkey.Naim Talu was born i

Melchior Treub

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch botanist who was born in Voorschoten. In 1873 he graduated from the University of Leiden

Meletius Smotrytsky

Male (Boys)

Was a Ruthenian (Ukrainian, Belarusian) linguist from Galicia, author and religious activist. Son of

Melvin Alvah Traylor Jr.

Male (Boys)

Was an American ornithologist. He is the son of Chicago banker Melvin Alvah Traylor and Mrs. Dorothy

Merab Mamardashvili

Male (Boys)

Was a Georgian philosopher, Doctor of Sciences (1968), Professor (1972). He was born in Gori (Easter

Merritt Ruhlen

Male (Boys)

An American linguist known for his work on the classification of languages and what this reveals abo

Merton Howard Mert Miller

Male (Boys)

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He worked during World War II as an economist in the division

Merton Miller

Male (Boys)

Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990, along with Harry Markowitz and William Sharpe.

Mervyn Allister King

Male (Boys)

He succeeded Sir Edward George on June 30, 2003.King studied at Wolverhampton Grammar School, King's

Mervyn Coleridge Alleyne

Male (Boys)

A sociolinguist, creolist and dialectologist whose work has focused on the creole languages of the C

Michael Anthony Eardley Dummett

Male (Boys)

Is a leading British philosopher. He has both written on the history of analytic philosophy, and mad

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Michael Ashburner

Male (Boys)

Professor of biology in the Department of Genetics at University of Cambridge and is the former join

Michael Brody

Male (Boys)

A Hungarian linguist, and Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at University College London.He was educ

Michael Cicconetti

Male (Boys)

A judge in Painesville, Lake County, Ohio who dispenses a unique brand of what he calls creative jus

Michael Cowling

Male (Boys)

Is an Australian pure mathematician

Michael Donald Kirby

Male (Boys)

Is a former Justice of the High Court of Australia, serving from 1996 to 2009.Justice Kirby attended

Michael E. Krauss

Male (Boys)

A linguist who has worked extensively on the Na-Dené language family, especially on proto-Athabaska

Michael Everson

Male (Boys)

A linguist, script encoder, typesetter, and font designer. His central area of expertise is with wri

Michael Fish

Male (Boys)

Is a semi-retired weather forecaster, most known for his BBC Weather television presentations, altho

Michael Frank Goodchild

Male (Boys)

A British-American geographer. He is currently a professor of geography at the University of Califor

Michael Hammond

Male (Boys)

The chair of the linguistics department at the University of Arizona and holds the rank of full Prof

Michael Hartley Freedman

Male (Boys)

A mathematician at Microsoft Station Q.[1] In 1986, he was awarded a Fields Medal for his work on th

Michael Heidelberger

Male (Boys)

Was an American immunologist who is regarded as the father of modern immunology. He and Oswald Avery

Michael Hudson

Male (Boys)

Distinguished Research Professor of Economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City (UMKC). He is a

Michael Hudson Mchugh

Male (Boys)

Is a former justice of the High Court of Australia

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