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Richard Courant

Male (Boys)

Was a German mathematician.He stayed in Breslau and entered the university there. As he found the co

Richard Dagobert Brauer

Male (Boys)

Was a leading German and American mathematician. He worked mainly in abstract algebra, but made impo

Richard David Gil

Male (Boys)

He studied mathematics at the University of Cambridge (1970-1973), and subsequently followed the Dip

Richard David Gill

Male (Boys)

Was born in the United Kingdom. He studied mathematics at the University of Cambridge (1970-1973), a

Richard Dawkins,

Male (Boys)

A British ethologist, evolutionary biologist and popular science author. He is a professorial fellow

Richard E. Lenski

Male (Boys)

An American evolutionary biologist.[1] He earned his BA from Oberlin College in 1976, and his PhD fr

Richard Edward O'connor

Male (Boys)

Australian politician, was a member of the first federal ministry.O'Connor was born in the Sydney su

Richard Edward O'connor,

Male (Boys)

Australian politician, was a member of the first federal ministry.O'Connor was born in the Sydney su

Richard Ernest Bellman

Male (Boys)

Was an applied mathematician, celebrated for his invention of dynamic programming in 1953, and impor

Richard Ernst Meyer

Male (Boys)

Was a mathematician and engineer. He worked at the University of Manchester and in 1953, he got a jo

Richard Gordon Darman

Male (Boys)

Was an American economist and businessman who served under five U.S. presidents but is best remember

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Richard Grenville Layard

Male (Boys)

Is a British economist. He was founder-director in 1990 of, and is a current programme director at,

Richard H. Thaler

Male (Boys)

An American economist perhaps best known as a theorist in behavioral finance and for his collaborati

Richard Harlan

Male (Boys)

Was an American naturalist, zoologist, physicist and paleontologist.Harlan was the author of Fauna A

Richard Hartshorne

Male (Boys)

Was a prominent American geographer. He completed his doctorate at the University of Chicago (1924),

Richard Heymons

Male (Boys)

Was a German zoologist.He actively studied tongue worms (Pentastomida) and his collection of these a

Richard J. Maybury

Male (Boys)

The publisher of U.S. & World Early Warning Report for Investors. He has written several entry level

Richard John Chorley

Male (Boys)

Was a leading figure in the late 20th century for his work in quantitative geography, and played an

Richard Kiepert

Male (Boys)

Was a German cartographer who was the son of famed geographer Heinrich Kiepert (1818-1899). Richard

Richard Lydekker

Male (Boys)

Was an English naturalist, geologist and writer of numerous books on natural history.Lydekker was bo

Richard Martin West

Male (Boys)

A Danish astronomer working at the European Southern Observatory (ESO).He discovered numerous comets

Richard Merett Montague

Male (Boys)

Was an American mathematician and philosopher.At the University of California, Berkeley, Montague ea

Richard Michael Ryan Hall

Male (Boys)

Was an American linguist who lived and worked in New York. Hall served as a U.S. Army medical clerk

Richard Milton Martin

Male (Boys)

Was an American logician and analytic philosopher. In his Ph.D. thesis written under Frederic Fitch,

Richard Owen

Male (Boys)

Was an English biologist, comparative anatomist and palaeontologist.Owen is probably best remembered

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