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Iho Hatori

Female (Girls)

Miho expressed an early interest in music while growing up in Japan. She worked in a record shop whe

Ii Naosuke

Male (Boys)

Was daimyo of Hikone (1850 – 1860) and also Tairo of Tokugawa Shogunate, Japan, a position he held

Ikeda Toshio

Male (Boys)

The pioneer of computer domestic production in Japan.When he was a general manager at Fujitsu, Ikeda

Ikki Kajiwara

Male (Boys)

Was an author, manga writer (not artist), and film producer also known under the pseudonym Asao Taka

Ikko Narahara

Male (Boys)

Is a Japanese photographer. Born in Fukuoka, Narahara studied law at Chuo University (graduating in

Ikko Tanaka

Male (Boys)

A well-known Japanese graphic designer.Ikko Tanaka's work includes the design of the symbols for Exp

Ikue Asazaki

Female (Girls)

A Japanese folk singer from Kagoshima. She was born in Kedomi, Amami Islands. She grew up on the Ama

Ikue Mori

Female (Girls)

Her first musical experience was as the drummer for seminal no wave band DNA, which also featured Ea

Ikue Sakakibara

Female (Girls)

A female Japanese actress and a J-pop singer.Her Peter Pan's stage play is very popular and continui

Ikuhisa Minowa

Male (Boys)

Is a Japanese mixed martial artist and pro wrestler currently competing in DREAM. He was a long time

Ikuko Ishii

Male (Boys)

A Japanese politician and member for the House of Representatives for the Japanese Communist Party.

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Ikumi Narita

Female (Girls)

Is a Japanese volleyball player who plays for NEC Red Rockets. Her maiden name was Ikumi Ogake (?? ?

Ikuo Matsumoto

Male (Boys)

A Japanese former football player and manager.

Ikuo Sekimoto

Male (Boys)

A Japanese film director and screenwriter.

Ikuto Hidaka

Male (Boys)

Is a Japanese professional wrestler, currently performing for Pro Wrestling Zero1. Hidaka was the re

Ikuzo Sakurai

Male (Boys)

A Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party, a member of the House of Representatives in t

Ikuzo Yoshi

Male (Boys)

The stage name of Yoshihito Kamata , a Japanese famous Enka singer-songwriter.Enka is a popular genr

Imafuji Chotatsuro

Male (Boys)

A Japanese shamisen player in the nagauta tradition. He is classically trained as an accompanist to

Imai Hisashi

Male (Boys)

The lead guitarist and founding member of the Japanese rock band BUCK-TICK since 1985.The two musici

Inazuma Raigoro

Male (Boys)

Was a sumo wrestler from Inashiki, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. He was the sport's 7th Yokozuna. Inazu

Inejiro Asanuma

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese politician, and head of the Japanese Socialist Party. Inejiro was noted for speaking

Ineko Sata

Male (Boys)

Was a communist and feminist Japanese author of proletarian literature.Working at the Koroku cafe-ba

Inokuchi Arika

Male (Boys)

Was a mechanical technologist and professor. He was born in Kanazawa, and graduated from the Univers

Inoue Kaoru

Male (Boys)

Was a Japanese statesman and a member of the Meiji oligarchy that ruled Japan during the Meiji perio

Inoue Kowashi

Male (Boys)

Was a statesman in Meiji period Japan.Inoue was born into a samurai family in Higo Province (present

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