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Charles Whitney Gilmore

Male (Boys)

Was an American paleontologist, who named dinosaurs in North America and Mongolia, including the Cre

Charles Wilkes

Male (Boys)

Was an American naval officer and explorer. He is particularly noted for his 1838–1842 Pacific exp

Charles Wyville Thomson

Male (Boys)

Was a Zoologist and chief scientist on the Challenger expedition.A prominent Scottish naturalist, Wy

Charles Yanofsky

Male (Boys)

A leading American geneticist.In 1964, Yanofsky and colleagues established that gene sequences and p

Charles Yuji Horioka

Male (Boys)

An American economist residing in Japan. Horioka received his B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard Un

Charles-ange Laisant

Male (Boys)

French politician, was born at Nantes on 1 November 1841, and was educated at the École Polytechniq

Charles-françois Brisseau De Mirbel

Male (Boys)

Was a French botanist and politician. He was a founder of the science of plant cytology.In 1802, Mir

Charlotte Auerbach

Female (Girls)

Was a geneticist.she fled to Scotland because of anti-Semitism. She became well-known after 1942 whe

Chauncey Delos Beadle

Male (Boys)

Was a Canadian-born botanist and horticulturist active in the southern United States. He was educate

Chen Jingrun

Male (Boys)

Was a Chinese mathematician who made significant contributions to number theory. Chen is ranked as o

Chen Kenichi

Male (Boys)

Chen is the son of Chen Kenmin, who is regarded as the father of Sichuan cuisine in Japan. His speci

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Cheng Yi

Male (Boys)

Was a Chinese philosopher born in Luoyang during the Song Dynasty. He worked with his older brother

Chesley Bonestell

Male (Boys)

Was a painter, designer and illustrator. His paintings were a major influence on science fiction art

Ching He Huang

Female (Girls)

Is a chef and television presenter who has appeared in a variety of television cooking shows. Althou

Christen August Hesselbo

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish pharmaceutical botanist and bryologist.The standard author abbreviation Hesselbo is use

Christen Friis Rottbøll

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish physician and botanist and pupil of Carolus Linnaeus.He studied at the University of Co

Christen Sørensen Longomontanus

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish astronomer.He visited Frauenburg, where Copernicus had made his observations, took a ma

Christiaan Gerardus Cornelissen

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch syndicalist writer, economist, and trade unionist.Cornelissen was the second of five chi

Christiaan Huygens

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch mathematician, astronomer and physicist

Christian August Crusius

Male (Boys)

Was a German philosopher and theologian. Crusius first came to notice as an opponent of the philosop

Christian Casimir Brittinger

Male (Boys)

Was a German botanist, entomologist and ornithologist.

Christian De Boissieu

Male (Boys)

Is a French professor of economics at the University of Sorbonne, Paris. Christian de Boissieu recei

Christian Erich Hermann Von Meyer

Male (Boys)

Was a German palaeontologist.In 1832 von Meyer issued a work entitled Palaeologica, and in course of

Christian Felix Klein

Male (Boys)

Was a German mathematician, known for his work in group theory, function theory, non-Euclidean geome

Christian Friedrich Ecklon

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish botanical collector and apothecary.Ecklon collected extensively in South Africa. His fi

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