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Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg

Male (Boys)

German naturalist, zoologist, comparative anatomist, geologist, and microscopist, was one of the mos

Christian Hendrik Persoon

Male (Boys)

Was a mycologist who made additions to Linnaeus' mushroom taxonomy.The origin of Persoon's botanical

Christian Kramp

Male (Boys)

Was a French mathematician, who worked primarily with factorials. Christian Kramp's father was his t

Christian Ludwig (luis) Landbeck

Male (Boys)

Was a prominent German ornithologist.

Christian Ludwig Brehm

Male (Boys)

Was a German pastor and ornithologist. He was the father of Alfred Brehm.Brehm was born near Gotha,

Christian Ludwig Gerling

Male (Boys)

Studied under Carl Friedrich Gauss, obtaining his doctorate in 1812 for a thesis entitled: Methodi p

Christian Pedersen Horrebow

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish astronomer of the eighteenth century. He was a son of Peder Horrebow, whom he succeeded

Christian Theodor Vaupell

Male (Boys)

Was a Danish botanist and forester. He was a student of Japetus Steenstrup and a teacher of botany a

Christiane N

Male (Boys)

Is a German biologist.N

Christiane Nüsslein-volhard

Male (Boys)

German biologist who won the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research in 1991 and the Nobel Pr

Christianus Cornelius Uhlenbeck

Male (Boys)

Was a Dutch linguist and anthropologist with a wide variety of research interests. His published wor

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Christine Ladd-franklin

Female (Girls)

Was an American psychologist and logician.Christine Ladd-Franklin was born in Windsor, Connecticut t

Christoph Arnold

Male (Boys)

Was a German amateur astronomer.Arnold was a farmer by profession. Interested in astronomy, he spott

Christoph Coelestin Mrongovius

Male (Boys)

Was a Protestant pastor, writer, philosopher, distinguished linguist, and translator.Mrongovius, son

Christoph Feldegg

Male (Boys)

Was an Austrian army officer and naturalist.Feldegg fought in the Napoleonic wars and in recognition

Christoph Gustav Ernst Ahl

Male (Boys)

A German zoologist.He was the director of the department of ichthyology and herpetology in the Museu

Christophe Gadbled

Male (Boys)

Was a mathematics professor at the University of Caen. Gadbled was born in Saint-Martin-le-Bouillant

Christophe Neff

Male (Boys)

A geographer.In Germany he is considered as one of the rare German experts[citation needed] for Medi

Christopher Besoldus

Male (Boys)

Was a German jurist and publicist whose writing is seen as important for the history of the causes o

Christopher Charles Chris Heyde

Male (Boys)

Was a prominent statistician who was a professor at Columbia University and The Australian National

Christopher Ehret

Male (Boys)

A professor of African History at UCLA since 1968, is a major figure in African history and African

Christopher Fulton Mckee

Male (Boys)

An astrophysicist.McKee obtained a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) in 1970 u

Christopher Gregory Weeramantry

Male (Boys)

A Justice of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka

Christopher I. Beckwith

Male (Boys)

A professor of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.He received hi

Christopher Shackle

Male (Boys)

Professor of Modern Languages of South Asia in the University of London, Department of the Languages

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