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Marcel Foucault

Male (Boys)

Was a French philosopher and psychologist. Marcel Foucault was professor of philosophy at the Univer

Marcel Gauchet

Male (Boys)

Is a French historian, philosopher and sociologist. Gauchet is professor at the Centre de recherches

Marcel Légaut

Male (Boys)

Was a French Christian philosopher and mathematician.Marcel Légaut received his Ph.D. in Mathematic

Marcel Vigneron

Male (Boys)

Is an American chef, and is perhaps best known as the runner-up of the second season of Top Chef, pl

Marcello Malpighi

Male (Boys)

Was an Italian doctor, who gave his name to several physiological features.In 1656 Malpighi received

Marco Polo

Male (Boys)

Was a Croatian - Venetian [3] trader and explorer who gained fame for his worldwide travels, recorde

Marcos Jiménez De La Espada

Male (Boys)

Was a Spanish zoologist, explorer and writer, born in Cartagena, Spain, although he spent most of hi

Marcus Morton Rhoades

Male (Boys)

Was an American cytogeneticist. His research on maize led to important discoveries for basic genetic

Marek Borowski

Male (Boys)

Is a Polish left-wing politician, the former leader of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) and the fo

Margaret Burbidge

Male (Boys)

An English astrophysicist, noted for original research and holding many administrative posts, includ

Margaret Morse Nice

Female (Girls)

Was an American ornithologist who made an extensive study of the life history of the Song Sparrow an

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Marguerite Laugier

Female (Girls)

Was a French astronomer active at the Nice Observatory from the 1930s to the 1950s. Contemporary ast

Maria Emilie Snethlage

Female (Girls)

Was a German-born Brazilian ornithologist who worked on the bird fauna of the Amazon. Snethlage coll

Maria Manuela Dias Ferreira Leite

Female (Girls)

Commonly "Manuela Ferreira Leite", is a Portuguese economist and politician.Manuela Ferreira Leite h

Maria Mitchell

Male (Boys)

Was an American astronomer.Maria (pronounced Ma-RYE-ah) Mitchell was born on August 1, 1818, in Nant

Maria Stewart

Female (Girls)

Was an African American public speaker, abolitionist, and feminist.

Maria Vasilyevna Klenova

Male (Boys)

Was a Russian and Soviet marine geologist and one of the founders of Russian marine science.[1]Kleno

Marian Czakanski

Male (Boys)

Is a Polish statesman and economist. He briefly served as Minister of Health in the government of Ma

Marian Moszoro

Male (Boys)

Is Associate Professor of Finance at Nowy Sacz School of Business - National-Louis University (Polan

Marian Zdziechowski

Male (Boys)

Was a Polish philosopher, Slavist, publicist and cultural historian. Critic of fascist and communist

Marianne Mithun

Male (Boys)

A leading scholar of American Indian languages and language typology.Mithun began her career with ex

Marie Antoine (antonin[1]) Carême

Male (Boys)

Known as "The King of Chefs, and the Chef of Kings" [2] was an early practitioner and exponent of th

Marie Dentière

Male (Boys)

Was a Genevan Protestant reformer and theologian. She played an active role in Genevan religion and

Marie Firmin Bocourt

Male (Boys)

A French zoologist and artist.In zoology, Bocourt collaborated with Auguste Duméril. In 1861, he wa

Marie Henri Andoyer

Male (Boys)

Was a French astronomer and mathematician. Andoyer was elected member of the French Académie des sc

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