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Carl Gustav Witt

Male (Boys)

Was a German astronomer.He discovered two asteroids, most notably 433 Eros, the first known asteroid

Carl Humann

Male (Boys)

Was a German engineer, architect and archaeologist. He discovered the Pergamon Altar.Humann was born

Carl Jakob Sundevall

Male (Boys)

Was a Swedish zoologist.He was employed at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm from 183

Carl Jesse Pollard

Male (Boys)

A Professor of Linguistics at the Ohio State University. He is the inventor of Higher-order grammar,

Carl Johann Maximowicz

Male (Boys)

Was a Russian botanist. Maximowicz spent most of his life studying the flora of the countries he had

Carl Keenan Seyfert

Male (Boys)

Was an American astronomer.He is best known for his 1943 research paper on high-excitation line emis

Carl Leavitt Hubbs

Male (Boys)

Was an American ichthyologist.He was born in Williams, Arizona. He was the son of Charles Leavitt an

Carl Linnaeus (

Male (Boys)

Was a Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist, who laid the foundations for the modern scheme of b

Carl Ludwig Hablizl

Male (Boys)

Also known as Karl Ivanovich Gablits, was a Russian botanist.He was born in Königsberg. He was the

Carl Ludwig Hablizl Or Hablitz

Male (Boys)

Also known as Karl Ivanovich Gablits, was a Russian botanist.He was born in Königsberg. He was the

Carl Ludwig Willdenow

Male (Boys)

Was a German botanist, pharmacist, and plant taxonomist. He is considered one of the founders of phy

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Carl Menger

Male (Boys)

Was the founder of the Austrian School of economics, famous for contributing to the development of t

Carl Ortwin Sauer

Male (Boys)

Was an American geographer. He was born in Warrenton, Missouri and graduated from the University of

Carl Otto Lenz

Male (Boys)

Is a German lawyer, member of the German Bundestag. Carl Otto Lenz is the son of the lawyer Dr. Otto

Carl Peter Thunberg

Male (Boys)

Was a Swedish naturalist. He has been called "the father of South African botany" and the "Japanese

Carl Richard Woese

Male (Boys)

An American microbiologist and Physicist who attended Deerfield Academy and Amherst College. He is f

Carl Ritter

Male (Boys)

Was a German geographer. Along with Alexander von Humboldt, he is considered one of the founders of

Carl Schmitt

Male (Boys)

German jurist, political theorist, and professor of law.

Carl Snyder

Male (Boys)

Was an American economist and statistician.Although he attended the University of Iowa and studied i

Carl Troll

Male (Boys)

Was a German geographer, brother of botanist Wilhelm Troll.From 1919 until 1922 Troll studied amongs

Carl Wernicke

Male (Boys)

Was a German physician, anatomist, psychiatrist and neuropathologist. He earned his medical degree a

Carl Wiman

Male (Boys)

Was a Swedish paleontologist and the first professor of paleontology at Uppsala University.[1] He pu

Carlo Emilio Bonferroni

Male (Boys)

Was an Italian mathematician who worked on probability theory.Bonferroni is famous for the Bonferron

Carlos Alfredo Rodríguez

Male (Boys)

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Buenos Aires in 1969, and t

Carlos Cirne Lima

Male (Boys)

Is a Brazilian philosopher. He obtained his doctor-degree in 1958 at the Austria. Was a full profess

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